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Global Boutique Business Services

Focus on Brazil and Latin America

Acting Globally to Clients and Providers

for Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries

Who are we?


Molkom is a Global Boutique Business Service, which act as development and strategic consulting company focusing in Brazil and Latin America. We have almost 14 years of experience in various partnership models in both external and internal licensing, ingredients, finished products, research development, negotiation, mergers and acquisitions. We typically act as a virtual part of your company, primarily in the Business Development and Strategy Department. Molkom has a strong personal network in all therapeutic areas and operates mainly in Brazil and Latin America, with strong connections with industries in Asia, the US and Europe as well. We select only a limited number of new projects annually.

Where are we based?




We are proudly based in Belo Horizonte City in Brazil. We are very close to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Vitória and Goiania Cities. Despite our Brazilian origin, we work globally and travel frequently for Latin America, Europe, USA, and Asia. This is in line with our corporate values in which we declare our desire to work as staff possible both with our customers and with our Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Veterinary, Feed, Nutraceutical and Cosmetical network.



The Team